National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment in LG Roundtable

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment in Local Government Roundtable

On 26-27 July the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government (ACELG) convened a National Roundtable on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment in Local Government at the Redfern Town Hall, Sydney.  Minister Mark Arbib, Federal Government Minister for Indigenous Employment and Economic Development, delivered a passionate keynote address in which he urged Local Government representatives to employ more Indigenous people.
The roundtable brought together around 50 key representatives from local government jurisdictions, federal and state government and Indigenous employment sectors.
The event was an important part of a parallel process of engagement to progress the National Local Government Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment Strategy.  The second day of the forum was dedicated to discussion and development of sustainable and replicable Demonstration Projects with a view to identifying and potentially engaging key project partners and possible funding agencies.
Outcomes from the Roundtable, as well as learnings from the Demonstration Projects, and responses to the  LG Indigenous Employment Program Green Paper – Closing the Gap through Place-based Employment will inform the development of a White Paper, with the interim White Paper due for completion at the end of 2011.

Roundtable presentations available for download:
Chris Fraser, Director Education and Training, Minerals Councils of Australia
"The business case for Indigenous employment in the minerals industry"

Grant Paulson, General Manager, Programs and Projects, Reconciliation Australia 
"Reconciliation Australia – National perspective"

 Erin McKinnon, Project Coordinator, Reconciliation in Local Government Project, Reconciliation Victoria
"Reconciliation in Local Government Project"

Joanne Brunt. Indigenous Employment Development Coordinator, Latrobe City Council Victoria
"Overview of Latrobe City`s Indigenous Employment Program" 

Gavin Mate, General Manager - National Group Training Operations, Aboriginal Employment Strategy (AES)
"Aboriginal Employment Strategy"

Mangala Srinivasan, Economic Development Officer, Aboriginal Affairs NSW
"NSW Aboriginal Employment Program"

Presentation notes here.
Terena Hopkins, Regional Director State Library of Queensland Cairns and Indigenous Knowledge Centresa
Dr Laga Van Beek, Manager, Wagga Wagga Indigenous Coordination Centre, FaHCSIA
"Indigenous Coordination Centres (ICCs) - assisting in implementing the National Indigenous  Reform Agenda or Closing the Gap"
Renee Hawkins, Local Employment Coordinator, Mid North Coast, DEEWR

"Local Employment Coordinators (LECs)"