2014 Local Government Research Showcase and Forum (Melbourne)

2014 Local Government Research Showcase and Forum

30 April 2014, Pullman Albert Park Hotel, Melbourne

The Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government (ACELG) hosted its 2014 Research Forum on 30 April 2014 in Melbourne, Victoria. The Forum was held in partnership with the LGMA National Congress & Business Expo, and took place the day prior to the start of the Congress.

The purpose of the forum was to:

  • Showcase examples of current local government research which relate to pressing policy issues for Australian local government
  • Provide opportunities for local government practitioners to present work alongside academic researchers
  • Discuss the implications of the research for policy and practice.

The Forum program reflected the Congress theme ‘Productive Communities’ and covered a wide range of areas, including measures of progress, productive regions, social enterprises, community cultural development, housing, investment in employee skills and practitioner led research, and many more.

Downloads: The abstract booklet and presentation schedule is available here.


Keynotes and Plenaries

Presenter Paper Title Download
Roberta Ryan Why local government matters? -
Alex Brillantes Local governance, local autonomy and decentralization in the Philippines: Issues, concerns, directions and implications for reform -
Melissa Gibbs Plenary: ACELG International Research Download



Presenter Paper Title Download
Jack Barton, Chris Pettit Federated data access for local government across Australia Download


Paper Presentations

Presenter Paper Title Download
Nicole Campbell Under the radar… Does voter apathy contribute to dysfunctional councils? -
Sarah Ewing The journey from citizen to councillor -
Linda Bennett Think women for local government – what works for local political equity -
Tim Robinson and Petra Tinkler Good governance and ethical practice – beyond everything! Download
Jacquie Hutchinson and Beth Walker Risky business: CEO recruitment in local government Download
Alex Kats, John Martin and Angela Zivkovic Future proofing local government: Strategies to address language, literacy and numeracy skills in the local government workforce Download
Paula Wright Roads, rates, rubbish and random sampling: Using research skills in local government Download
Andrew Hickey, Paul Reynolds and Lisa McDonald Understanding community to engage community: Using qualitative research techniques in local government community engagement Download
Stefanie Pillora Practitioner contribution to the local government knowledge base -
Marion Smith To be or not to be amalgamated! An overview of two similar sized local authorities facing the amalgamation debate in New Zealand Download
Alex Lawrie Social research and reform: Assessing the impacts Download
Trevor Seymour-Jones Local government assets: A case for excellence in their management Download
Tiffany Lee-Shoy  'The obstacle is the path' – Why Council didn't take the easy road when it came to parkour Download
Chloe Beevers  How are NSW councils engaged in arts and culture? Are these roles changing over time? -
Roberta Ryan Public value evaluation of the arts -
Robyn Morris and Alex Gooding Local government growing regional Australia -
Jack Archer Regional economies - Different pathways, different strategies Download
Catherine Hastings Enhancing productive communities through the use of community indicators Download
Robyn Cochrane Achieving more by embedding technology in community consultation: Insights and outcomes from Living Kingston 2035 Download
Andrew Kelly Old law, new policy and Old Bar Download
Belinda Davies Maximising impact by understanding the food business context Download


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