ACELG Launches Improved Interactive Website

ACELG Launches Improved Interactive Website
14 January 2014

ACELG has launched a new section on its website designed to provide Australian local government practitioners opportunities for peer-to-peer learning and network building. The 'ACELG Community' provides users of the ACELG website with a platform to share information and best practice, and to discuss ideas and issues in local government, both in Australia and internationally.

The ACELG Community features a frequently updated, open-submission blog called 'The Town Crier' which presents commentary and analysis on current ideas and practice in Australian local government. Users are invited to both read and comment on the blog articles, as well as submit their own structured thoughts and analysis on issues facing their councils for publication.

Visit the ACELG blog 'The Town Crier'

The second feature of the ACELG Community is a knowledge exchange portal which allows users to share and discuss local government resources and best practice. This section is designed to facilitate the exchange of best practice models and ideas between Australian local government practitioners, as well as to raise awareness about the diversity of resources available to improve governance and service delivery such as policy guides, toolkits and strategies.

Visit the ACELG Knowledge Exchange Portal

The ACELG Community will replace the previous ACELG websites of the Local Government Research Network (LGResearch) and the Innovation and Knowledge Exchange Network (IKEN). During this initial period of operation, ACELG welcomes feedback on the new website functionality, and ideas on how to improve its utility to the Australian local government practitioner community.

For more information regarding the ACELG Community, contact Chris Watterson: [email protected] / +61 2 9514 4449.

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