ACELG Releases New Report on Using Demographic Data in Local Government

ACELG Releases New Report on Using Demographic Data in Local Government
07 August 2013

The Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government (ACLEG), with input from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, has released a new report outlining how local governments can more effectively utilise demographic and other population data into planning and decision-making processes.

The report, titled Looking Ahead: A Guide for Local Government Practitioners` Use of Demographic Data, is designed to empower evidence-based decision making in Australian local government

It will also assist increase the capacity of councils to collate and utilise data in strategic planning and broader areas of council operations such as community engagement, urban planning, social planning, and business and service development.

Amanda Bray, Group Manager Community Life at Fairfield City Council (NSW) commented:
'In 2013 the International Year of Statistics, it`s important that all local government practitioners understand the community's story and what it means.

'The paper provides practical hints on using demographic data and tells stories of how the data has helped shape policy, place and services. While there are librarians, social and strategic planners who can assist, the paper will help local government practitioners to understand their community better and the importance of keeping this knowledge in-house.'

The research also includes an outline of demographic challenges and opportunities facing Australian local government, guides and strategies for using demographic and population data in local government, case studies outlining best practice in demographic methods, and links to a range of useful references and tools.

The report will be a valuable resource for planners, decision-makers, and other local government practitioners seeking to build capacity in demographic methods and increase the role of data analysis in council operations.

The report also functions as a companion guide to the ACELG publication Make Your Knowledge Matter: Guide to Developing and Documenting Research, which is also available on the ACELG website (here).


Download the report here.

Further information

Stefanie Pillora
ACELG Program Manager Research
Ph: 02 9514 4897 | E: [email protected]

This report was also presented at the 2013 Local Government Researchers` Forum. Presentation available here.

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