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The Town Crier is the official blog of the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government (ACELG). The blog publishes original commentary and analysis targeted to an audience of Australian local government practitioners, researchers, organisations and peak bodies, and is designed to promote the exchange of knowledge and ideas relating to local government in Australia and internationally.

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Good practice in building social cohesion in diverse communities

This blog reviews the challenges to social cohesion in local communities, and outlines the characteristics of local government best practice in redressing these challenges.

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Democratisation in China: Professor Chen Kang visits ACELG

On Thursday 5 February ACELG and our fellow UTS organisation, the Australia China Relations Institute (ACRI) headed by Professor Bob Carr, will host a visit by Professor Chen Kang from National University of Singapore (NUS).

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The Town Crier Turns 50!

The Town Crier reflects on its first 50 articles and plots a path forward for the coming months and years.

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Town Crier High-Flier: Laurie Mundt

At a recent local government exchange and co-operation seminar in Japan, Melissa Gibbs had a chance to talk with Laurie Mundt, Economic Developer Manager at Ipswich City Council, about his role and some of the economic issues facing the sector, including debt, financing infrastructure, and regional development.

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Spreading the 'Shop Local' message through youth engagement

In encouraging local economic development, Mitchell Shire turned to its area's youth to spread the 'Shop Local' message.

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Developing and Implementing a Disability Action Plan

This blog outlines the key learnings from the development and implementation of Melton City Council's award winning Disability Action Plan.

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Innovation roundup: Energy efficient infrastructure upgrades

Solar panels, hybrid solar-wind street lamps and gas turbines are some of the innovative infrastructure upgrades being pursued by local governments to increase energy efficiency and reduce electricity costs.

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EHA Conference: 'Preparation beats Panic'

A recap of the 2014 NSW Environment Health Australia conference, which covered issues such as fire recovery, food safety, and the importance of preparatory measures in environmental health.

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Declining voter turnout in local elections: what can be done?

Dr Andy Asquith, Senior Lecturer at the University of New Zealand, reflects on declining voter turnout rates in local elections.

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More Innovative Waste Management Practice

This blog outlines initiatives pursued by local governments to enhance environmental and financial outcomes through innovate waste management practice. These initiatives include biodegradable nappies, litter prevention officers, dumping surveillance and recycling incentives.