Local Government Researchers Forum Papers Available

Local Government Researchers Forum Papers Available
Friday 20th January at 12:00pm
, Sydney

The Local Government Researchers Forum with the theme of Local Governance in Transition took place on 14/15th December 2011 at the University of Technology, Sydney. Through the Forum ACELG provided a platform for academics and for practitioners to present their research, and to receive feedback. Over 40 papers were presented and 100 people from all Australian states and territories and from New Zealand attended. Reflections sessions throughout the two days drew together the key findings and points of interest that warranted further debate and research.

Forum presentations were divided into three streams: Transition Governance; Communities in Transition; and Environments in Transition. The final session summarised the outcomes of the discussion - `What should a reflexive research program on future local governance look like?` stating that it should:

  • conceptualise change
  • respond to and help local government cope with change
  • drive/rethink change as collaborator of first resort
  • communicate change to communities
  • build an evidence base for action.


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Forum Papers

ACELG is pleased to make available the papers presented at the Local Government Researchers Forum in December 2011. The Forum provided a platform for a wide range of researchers to present and seek feedback on their work, and so most are not ACELG endorsed publications and do not necessarily reflect the views of ACELG or its partner organisations. Inquiries about any of the papers will be forwarded to the relevant author(s) for a response.

Transition Governance | Sharing Services and Finance in Transition | Local/State Reform Governance | Leadership in Transition | Communities in Transition | Workforce in Transition | Cultures of Transition | Communicating in Transition | Liveability | Climate Change and Transition Governance | Environments in Transition | Measuring Governance

Transition Governance
A Fresh Look at Municipal Consolidation in Australia Chris Aulich et al. Download
Sustainability and the Social Contract with Australia’s Country Towns: Local Governance in Transition? John Martin Download
Is bigger better – council amalgamations, strategic capacity and urban management outcomes? Alex Gooding Download
Local Government Service Delivery to Remote Indigenous Communities: Funding and Service Delivery Model Design Robyn Morris and Michael Limerick Download
Roles and expectations of rural-remote and indigenous councils Alan Morton  Download
Who Defines ‘Sustainability’? Perspectives on the recent transition from Community Councils to Regional Shires in the Northern Territory Thomas Michel Download


Sharing Services and Finance in Transition
Rating policy – An ad hoc or principled balancing act? John Comrie, Lachlan Smirl and Shane Sody Download
Legal and Governance Models for Shared Services in Local Government David Somerville Download


Local/State Reform Governance
Collaborative Governance and Metropolitan Planning in South East Queensland John Abbott Download
Collaborative reform process between state and local government: the Victorian Councils Reforming Business Program Leighton Vivian with Angelo d`Costa Download


Leadership in Transition
Local political leadership in transition: Lessons from the new Auckland Council Christine Cheyne Download
Leadership in local government reform: International trends; implications for Australia Bligh Grant Download
Political management in Australian Local Government: Exploring Roles and Relationships between Mayors and CEOs John Martin and Chris Aulich Download


Communities in Transition
Local Government and Community Engagement in Australia Jade Herriman Download
Meeting Challenges through Empowered, Deliberative Participation Rob Weymouth Download
Evolution of Community Governance: Building on What Works Peter McKinlay Download
The UK Transition Network and Community Governance Hazel Storey Download
Winning Positive Community Outcomes Through Good Governance of Stakeholder Relationships Raymond De Silva Download


Workforce in Transition
Location as a factor in Gender Equity in Local Government Karen Purser Download
Learning in Local Government Sarah Artist and Geraldine O`Connor Download
South Australian Local Government Workforce Planning Project Sandy Semmens, Wendy Perry and Julie Sloan Download


Cultures of Transition
Building the capacity for local government innovation Mark Evans et al. Download
LG as workplace of choice Jennifer Fredericks Download


Communicating in Transition
Local Government and the National Broadband: How the Sector is Preparing to Capture the Benefits Ian Tiley Download
Engaging City Futures: Social Media Success Factors Colin Russo Download
From Extension to Engagement – Application and Use of Social Media to Enhance Local Government Performance Anne Howard Download


Health Impact Assessment in a Local Government Context Colleen Gunning Download
Indicators for Liveable Rural and Remote Communities  A Liveable Communities Assessment of Gunnedah Shire Rosemary Pollock Download
Options for a local government `community indicators` framework Ruth Goldsmith Download
Citizen Participation and Murray Darling Basin Futures - Better Practice Design Mark Evans Download
Panacea or snake oil? An examination of local government reform process in New South Wales Phillip Willis and Michael Paddon Download
Local Government and Landfill Futures Anna Gero and Dustin Moore Download


Climate Change and Transition Governance
Climate change governance by local councils: Carbon mitigation by Greater Adelaide councils Heather Zeppel Download
Strategic planning for collaborative practice: understanding whether inter-organisational cooperation overcomes constraints to climate adaptation in regional Australia Lorraine Bates, Melissa Green and Lain Walker Download
Foreseeing and Managing the Health Risks of Climate Change: A Translational Pilot Project for Local Government Erica Bell Download


Environments in Transition
Delivering improved climate change projections for NSW Councils Erin Roger Download
Why tracing a locality’s networked governance is worthwhile Dick Osborn Download


Measuring Governance
Regional Statistics for Local Government Lisa Connolly Download
Responding toi the challenges of Research Collaboration Richie Howitt Download
Measuring Liveability: The contribution of a Census of Land Use and Employment Austin Ley Download

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