Creative Councils Discussion Paper

Creative Councils Discussion Paper
17 July 2015

To coincide with Innovation Month, ACELG has published a report called Creative councils for creative communities produced by Marrickville Council (NSW) and the UTS Centre for Local Government (UTS:CLG).

The resource emphasises the role of creativity as a prerequisite to innovation in local government, particularly during a time of change and reform to the local government sector.

The paper explores current thinking about creativity in communities, organisations and the public sector and discusses an approach taken within Marrickville Council about organisational creativity that could be considered by other local governments wishing to operate in a more creative and innovative way.

The study demonstrates that a local council can fruitfully draw on a key characteristic of the community in which it is located to support its approach to working in and for that community. The report was developed following a series of creativity workshops held at Marrickville and run by staff of UTS:CLG.

Among a number of positive implications of such an approach, councils can improve their performance through incorporating creativity into the culture and operations of their organisation for the benefit of their communities.

This project was supported by ACELG under its Leadership Program.


Creative councils for creative communities


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