Enhancing local government services - updated

Enhancing local government services - updated
30 June 2015

The resource Service Delivery Review: A How to Manual for Local Government has been updated by ACELG and the University of Technology, Sydney’s Centre for Local Government (UTS:CLG) to reflect industry feedback and further support councils undertake service delivery reviews and train staff about this important process.
First published in June 2014, the Manual has been one of ACELG’s most popular resources with over 2,200 downloads to date.
The second edition builds on the initial structure of the Manual and has been informed by its application by councils in NSW, South Australia and Western Australia since its release in 2014. The updated edition provides further detail in relation to the collection and analysis of data associated with a service delivery review, and there is an increased focus on climate change adaptation as a significant variable that needs to be considered in the context of service delivery planning.
"This is a significant issue for local councils," said ACELG and UTS:CLG Director Associate Professor Roberta Ryan and the Manual's co-author: "Local government service provision has transformed significantly over recent decades, as well, community expectations of local government have increased while other levels of government have devolved various functions."
The Manual meets an increasing need from within the sector for practical guidance in undertaking service delivery reviews that are consistent with current local governance practice and processes, particularly since local government service delivery reviews are mandatory in some jurisdictions or are driven by local or sector reform processes.
Regular, evidence-based service delivery reviews are important for all councils to ensure their services are appropriately targeted, efficient and effective. Such reviews can also support an organisational culture of continuous improvement.
The Manual provides a framework to apply a consistent and robust approach to service delivery reviews. It outlines a clear seven-step methodology, and brings together advice, toolkits and templates to help councils regardless of size with this critical task.
The Manual is intended for council staff such as department managers, elected members, CEOs and general managers, community engagement staff. This resource builds upon ACELG research Service Delivery Reviews in Australian Local Government (2012) and discussions from the short course Enhancing Local Government Service Delivery run by UTS:CLG.
Service Delivery Review: A How to Manual for Local Government (Second Edition June 2015)
Associate Professor Roberta Ryan, Director, Centre Director UTS:CLG and ACELG
[email protected]
ph. 02 9514 2643

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