Issues Paper 6 - Education and Training in Key Skills Shortage Areas

Issues Paper 6 - Education and Training in Key Skills Shortage Areas
30 January 2013

Prepared by the UTS:Centre for Local Government in consultation with key sector organisations, Issues Paper 6 from the Learning in Local Government series documents a national review of education and training in local government skills shortage areas.

At the heart of each of the skilled professions which are the subject of this report is the need for education and training which also provides practical knowledge and work-ready graduates. This report explores opportunities and gaps in education and training in the four areas of skills shortage, while also drawing some broader lessons.

The research found that courses are generally more easily accessed in urban areas, that challenges exist in delivering training to rural and remote areas, as well as to smaller cohorts that may render required course development unviable.

In addition to access to courses, this review has also found that a range of factors are impacting on the uptake of available courses such as university retention rates; the capacity of TAFE courses to prepare students for university; the level of university support for TAFE students; funding for VET sector resource development; and attracting students to work in the skill shortage area professions - download paper.

More information about the Learning in Local Government project here.

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