Leading and Learning for the Future

Leading and Learning for the Future
08 May 2015

Two recent research papers from the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government (ACELG) and the Centre for Local Government at UTS (UTS:CLG) will assist local councils to learn from each other and consider in-house leadership initiatives for staff.

The resources are timely given ongoing reforms and financial constraints within the Australian local government sector, necessitating creative approaches by councils to learning and leadership as a response.

Councils learning from each other: An Australian case study explores how councils can work with each other for solutions to common challenges. The paper looks at mechanisms that facilitate inter-council learning and how they can support improved governance initiatives, reform processes, and approaches to local government education and capacity building. The paper can be accessed here.

Council approaches to leadership: Research into good practice reviews a number of council approaches to leadership development identified as 'good practice'. Using examples from eight Australian councils, the study outlines examples that work well to build the leadership capacity of local government managers and provides practical guidance for developing in-house council leadership programs. Leadership capability frameworks in use by the sector are also exemplified and discussed. View this resource here.

The Director of both ACELG and UTS:CLG Associate Professor Roberta Ryan said that the resources will support better local council governance:

"Both research papers show there are ways to 'work smart' with existing council resources and staff skills to enhance inter-council knowledge and internal leadership. This can involve investing in existing staff capital, connecting staff wellbeing to the quality of service to the community, and exploring partnerships and learning exchanges with other councils." said A/Prof Ryan. "It's about people and organisations learning together."

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