Research and Policy Foresight

About the Research and Policy Foresight Program

The objective of the research and policy foresight program is to support evidence-based policy formulation, promote informed debate on key policy issues and help address major challenges facing local government. Program activities include ACELG commissioned research papers, the Research Partnership Scheme, and a series of associated activities designed to disseminate the research and encourage discussion on the implications of the research for policy and practice.

A Research Advisory Committee comprising a mixture of local government practitioners and local government researchers meets bi-annually to oversee current research projects and advise on future research activity.

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Research Partnerships Scheme

The ACELG Research Partnership Scheme is designed to support genuine research partnerships, in which ACELG is an active contributor at each stage of the process, from the finalisation of project briefs and selection of researchers, through to the completion and publishing of research reports. Read more »

Why Local Government Matters

This national research project addresses a significant gap in the sector and research about how Australians value local government. Read more »

Practitioner Research Initiative

Initiated by ACELG visitng fellow and member of the Research Advisory Committee Tim Robinson, the ACELG Practitioner Research Initiative is designed to build research interest and capacity in the local government practitioner community in order to promote a stronger research culture and practice in local government. Read more »

Research Forums

ACELG routinely hosts forums dedicated to promoting and discussing local government research. The forums include contributions from both academic and practitioner audiences.

Past forums: 2015 (Launceston)2014 (Darwin)2014 (Melbourne)2013 (Adelaide); 2012 (Brisbane); 2012 (Perth); 2011 (Sydney).

News & Events

17 June 2015
A new online resource developed by ACELG for the Australian Human Rights Commission provides local government with a practical approach to develop strong, socially cohesive communities. read more »
17 June 2015
A new ACELG report about the value of local government to all Australians was launched at the Australian Local Government Association 2015 National General Assembly of Local Government. read more »
05 June 2015
The Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government at UTS has published a new report called the 'Learning Community Framework and Measuring Impact Toolkit'. read more »
25 March 2015
ACELG has published new research entitled 'Local Government Growing Regional Australia' that will bring new understanding to the role of local government in growing regional capitals and regions through enhanced governance and leadership. read more »
11 March 2015
ACELG has published 'Housing and Local Government in Australia in the 21st Century' that canvases some of the key emerging issues in the relationship between housing and local government. read more »
08 August 2014
The Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government (ACELG) at UTS has published a background paper about understanding and promoting public value creation within Australian local government. The paper provides a definition of public value and public value creation from key literature, and... read more »
14 May 2014
ACELG has released a new resource to assist Australian councils with climate risk assessment and planning activities. read more »
07 May 2014
More than 80 local government practitioners and academic researchers participated in the ACELG Local Government Research Forum in Melbourne on Wednesday, 30 April. read more »
11 April 2014
This report considers the qualities, experiences and attributes West Australian councils seek from prospective CEOs, and the formal and informal policies and processes councils use to identify and recruit suitable candidates. The research draws on interviews with CEOs and Mayors/Shire Presidents... read more »
18 March 2014
Program Manager of Research, Stefanie Pillora recently participated in a round-table organised by IPWEA about sustainability in public works. read more »
12 March 2014
ACELG today released a report on food safety practices for Australian local governments. The project undertook research that explored current attitudes and beliefs concerning food safety within a diverse set of food business contexts, and includes a research report and a food safety strategy... read more »
05 November 2013
ACELG has published a selection of peer-reviewed papers that were presented at the national Local Government Researchers` Forum in June. read more »
31 October 2013
The Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government (ACELG) in conjunction with the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG) ha read more »


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